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Can You Watch Glass Onion Without Watching Knives Out?

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As movie enthusiasts, we often find ourselves caught up in a dilemma when it comes to watching sequels or spin-offs. One such predicament arises with the movies “Glass Onion” and “Knives Out.” In this article, we will explore whether it is possible to enjoy “Glass Onion” without watching its predecessor, “Knives Out.”

The Connection Between Glass Onion and Knives Out

Before we delve into the question at hand, let’s briefly discuss the connection between these two movies. “Knives Out” is a critically acclaimed murder mystery film that captivated audiences with its intricate plot and stellar performances. “Glass Onion” is a spin-off that focuses on a particular character from “Knives Out.”

The Standalone Nature of Glass Onion

While “Glass Onion” is set in the same universe as “Knives Out” and features a character from the original film, it can be enjoyed as a standalone movie. Director Rian Johnson has ensured that viewers unfamiliar with “Knives Out” can still follow and appreciate the story and characters in “Glass Onion.”

Understanding the Character

One of the key aspects of “Glass Onion” is its in-depth exploration of the central character. Even if you haven’t watched “Knives Out,” the film provides enough background and context to understand and connect with the character’s journey.

Similar Themes and Tropes

While “Glass Onion” can be enjoyed independently, it is worth noting that there are certain recurring themes and tropes that carry over from “Knives Out.” These include intricate plot twists, clever dialogue, and a darkly comedic tone. Watching “Knives Out” may enhance your understanding of these elements in “Glass Onion.”

Watching Knives Out First

If you have the opportunity, watching “Knives Out” prior to “Glass Onion” can provide you with a deeper appreciation for the spin-off. You’ll have a better understanding of the overarching story and the nuances of the character’s development.

The Joy of Discovering Connections

By watching “Knives Out” first, you’ll be able to uncover subtle references and connections that may enhance your viewing experience of “Glass Onion.” These moments of recognition can add an extra layer of enjoyment to the spin-off.

Avoiding Potential Spoilers

One practical reason for watching “Knives Out” before “Glass Onion” is to avoid potential spoilers. As a spin-off, “Glass Onion” assumes that viewers are already familiar with the events of “Knives Out.” To fully appreciate the story without any spoilers, watching the original movie first is advisable.


In conclusion, it is entirely possible to watch “Glass Onion” without having seen “Knives Out.” The spin-off provides sufficient context and character development to stand on its own. However, watching “Knives Out” beforehand can enhance your enjoyment by providing a deeper understanding of the overarching story and connections between the two films. Whether you choose to watch them in chronological order or not, both movies offer unique experiences that will captivate fans of the mystery genre.