Filipino Fork And Spoon Wall Decor

Large Vintage Wooden Fork and Spoon Wall Art Decor 27" Handmade in
Large Vintage Wooden Fork and Spoon Wall Art Decor 27" Handmade in from

Filipino Fork and Spoon Wall Decor


Filipino fork and spoon wall decor, also known as “kutsilyo at tinidor,” are traditional decorative items in Filipino homes. These oversized utensils are often made of wood and beautifully hand-carved, showcasing the artistic craftsmanship of the Filipino people. They add a touch of cultural heritage and uniqueness to any living space.

History and Symbolism

The tradition of using fork and spoon as wall decor in the Philippines dates back to the Spanish colonial era. It is believed that the practice originated from the Spanish influence on Filipino cuisine. The fork and spoon represent the blending of Spanish and Filipino culinary traditions. They symbolize unity, hospitality, and the importance of food in Filipino culture.

Designs and Styles

Filipino fork and spoon wall decor come in various designs and styles. The most common design features intricate carvings of traditional Filipino motifs such as flowers, leaves, and geometric patterns. Some may also incorporate cultural symbols like the Philippine flag or the iconic jeepney. The utensils are often embellished with vibrant colors or left in their natural wooden finish, adding to their visual appeal.

Placement and Display

These decorative utensils are typically displayed in dining areas or kitchens, as they symbolize the importance of food and hospitality. They can be hung on the wall as a centerpiece or arranged as part of a gallery wall. Some people also place them above a dining table or buffet to create an eye-catching focal point. The versatility of their design allows them to complement various interior styles, from traditional to modern.

Where to Find

Filipino fork and spoon wall decor can be found in specialty stores that sell Filipino handicrafts and home decor. They may also be available in online marketplaces that offer international crafts. When purchasing, it is essential to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product. Look for handcrafted pieces made by skilled artisans to support local craftsmanship and obtain a genuine Filipino decorative item.

DIY Ideas

If you are feeling creative, you can also make your own Filipino fork and spoon wall decor. Purchase wooden utensils from a local store or online, and unleash your artistic side. Sand the surfaces to smoothen them, and then paint or stain them according to your preferred color scheme. Add your unique designs using acrylic paints or wood burning techniques. This DIY project allows you to personalize the decor and create a meaningful piece for your home.


Filipino fork and spoon wall decor are not just decorative items; they are symbols of Filipino culture, hospitality, and unity. They add a touch of heritage and uniqueness to any living space. Whether you choose to purchase a handcrafted piece or create your own, these decorative utensils are sure to be conversation starters and reminders of the rich cultural traditions of the Philippines.