Is Knives Out A Book Series?

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Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson, is a popular murder mystery film that was released in 2019. Starring an ensemble cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas, the movie was praised for its clever plot, engaging characters, and witty dialogue. Since its release, many fans have been wondering if Knives Out is based on a book series. In this article, we will explore whether or not Knives Out has its roots in literature.

The Inspiration Behind Knives Out

Contrary to popular belief, Knives Out is not based on a book series. Rian Johnson, the director and screenwriter, came up with the idea for the film entirely on his own. Johnson has always been a fan of murder mystery stories and wanted to create a modern twist on the classic whodunit genre. He drew inspiration from the works of Agatha Christie, particularly her famous detective character, Hercule Poirot.

The Standalone Film

Knives Out was conceived as a standalone film, intended to be a self-contained story with a definitive ending. Johnson wanted to create a fresh and original narrative that would surprise and entertain audiences. This decision was influenced by his love for classic murder mystery novels, which often feature standalone stories centered around a single crime.

The Success of Knives Out

Upon its release, Knives Out was a critical and commercial success. The film received numerous accolades, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay. Its popularity led to speculation about a potential book series adaptation, but Johnson has stated that he has no plans to expand Knives Out into a franchise.

The Appeal of a Book Series

Many fans of Knives Out have expressed their desire for a book series based on the film. The appeal of a book series lies in the opportunity to further explore the characters, their backstories, and their future adventures. Additionally, a book series would allow for more intricate and complex mysteries to be solved by the beloved detective, Benoit Blanc, portrayed by Daniel Craig.

Similarities to Book Series

Although Knives Out is not based on a book series, it does share some similarities with popular murder mystery book series. The film’s intricate plot, multiple suspects, and unexpected twists are reminiscent of the storytelling found in books by authors like Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. These similarities contribute to the appeal of Knives Out and its potential for a book adaptation.

The Future of Knives Out

While there are currently no plans for a Knives Out book series, the success of the film has sparked interest in a sequel. Rian Johnson has confirmed that he is developing a follow-up film featuring Daniel Craig’s character, Benoit Blanc. This news has excited fans who are eager to see more of Blanc’s detective skills and unravel new mysteries.

Expanding the Knives Out Universe

As the Knives Out universe expands with a potential sequel, there may be opportunities for tie-in novels or spin-off books that delve deeper into the world of Benoit Blanc. These literary adaptations could offer fans the chance to immerse themselves in the intricate mysteries and compelling characters they love from the film.


Although Knives Out is not based on a book series, it has captivated audiences with its clever storytelling and memorable characters. While fans may hope for a book adaptation or series in the future, for now, they can look forward to the upcoming sequel and the further adventures of Benoit Blanc on the big screen.