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Sheridan Peterson: The Man Who May Have Been D.b. Cooper

D.B. Cooper Case Investigator Says It's Sheridan Peterson Crime News
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The Unsolved Mystery:

In the annals of American crime history, few mysteries have captivated the public’s imagination like the case of D.B. Cooper. On November 24, 1971, a man using the alias Dan Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft between Portland and Seattle, extorted $200,000 in ransom money, and parachuted into oblivion. Despite an extensive manhunt and numerous leads, the identity and fate of D.B. Cooper have remained elusive for over five decades.

The Emergence of Sheridan Peterson:

In recent years, a new theory has gained traction among amateur sleuths and investigators alike. The theory suggests that a man named Sheridan Peterson may be the elusive D.B. Cooper. Peterson, a former Army paratrooper and skilled skydiver, bears a striking resemblance to the composite sketches of Cooper. Additionally, Peterson’s background and behavior align with the characteristics attributed to the hijacker.

The Case for Sheridan Peterson:

One compelling piece of evidence supporting the theory is Peterson’s military background. As an Army paratrooper, he would have had the necessary skills to execute a daring parachute escape. Furthermore, Peterson had a history of financial struggles, which could have provided the motive for the hijacking and the demand for ransom money.

A Psychological Profile:

Psychological analysis of Sheridan Peterson has also shed light on his potential involvement in the D.B. Cooper case. Experts have noted that Peterson exhibited signs of narcissism and a desire for notoriety, traits commonly associated with individuals who commit high-profile crimes. This aligns with the theory that Cooper sought fame and recognition through his audacious act.

Unanswered Questions:

While the evidence linking Sheridan Peterson to D.B. Cooper is compelling, many unanswered questions remain. The most significant question is whether Peterson had the technical knowledge to successfully navigate the aircraft and execute the hijacking. Investigators have yet to uncover concrete evidence that definitively links Peterson to the crime.

A Complex Investigation:

Investigating the D.B. Cooper case has proven to be a complex endeavor. Over the years, countless leads have been pursued, and numerous suspects have been considered. However, none have led to a conclusive resolution. The case continues to intrigue both professionals and amateurs alike, as they strive to uncover the truth behind one of America’s most enduring mysteries.

The Legacy of D.B. Cooper:

Regardless of Sheridan Peterson’s true role in the D.B. Cooper case, the legend of the daring hijacker lives on. Cooper’s audacity and ingenuity have inspired countless books, movies, and even songs. The mystery surrounding his identity and fate continues to capture the public’s imagination, ensuring that the legend of D.B. Cooper will endure for years to come.


Sheridan Peterson’s potential connection to the D.B. Cooper case offers a fascinating new angle for investigators and true crime enthusiasts to explore. While the evidence is circumstantial, it raises intriguing questions about the identity of the enigmatic hijacker. As the investigation into D.B. Cooper’s true identity continues, the case reminds us of the enduring allure of unsolved mysteries and the human fascination with the unknown.