Alice Cooper Guitar Players: Past And Present

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A Brief Introduction

Alice Cooper, the legendary shock rock artist known for his theatrical stage performances, has had several talented guitar players accompany him throughout his career. These guitarists have contributed to the iconic sound and image that has made Alice Cooper a household name in the world of rock music. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the notable guitar players who have played with Alice Cooper over the years.

Glen Buxton: The Original Guitarist

One of the founding members of the Alice Cooper band, Glen Buxton played a crucial role in shaping the early sound of the group. Known for his bluesy and psychedelic guitar style, Buxton’s riffs and solos added a unique flavor to songs like “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out.” Unfortunately, Buxton’s struggles with alcoholism led to his departure from the band in the mid-1970s.

Michael Bruce: The Multi-Talented Musician

Michael Bruce was not only a guitarist but also a keyboardist and songwriter for Alice Cooper. Alongside Glen Buxton, Bruce helped create the signature sound of the band during their early years. His contributions can be heard on hits like “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “Under My Wheels.” Bruce left the band in 1974 but has occasionally reunited with Alice Cooper for special performances.

Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter: The Dynamic Duo

During the 1970s, Alice Cooper teamed up with the talented guitar duo of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter. Their collaboration resulted in some of the most memorable guitar-driven anthems in the Alice Cooper discography. Songs like “Welcome to My Nightmare” and “Only Women Bleed” showcased their exceptional skills and added a new dimension to Alice Cooper’s music.

Keri Kelli and Nita Strauss: Continuing the Legacy

In more recent years, Alice Cooper has been joined by guitarists Keri Kelli and Nita Strauss. Kelli, known for his work with bands like Slash’s Snakepit, brought a hard rock edge to the Alice Cooper live shows. On the other hand, Nita Strauss, a highly skilled shredder, has been wowing audiences with her virtuosic playing and stage presence. Both Kelli and Strauss have helped keep the Alice Cooper legacy alive and kicking.

The Importance of Guitar Players in Alice Cooper’s Music

Throughout Alice Cooper’s career, the guitar players have played a vital role in shaping the band’s sound and contributing to its success. Their unique styles and creative input have added depth and texture to Alice Cooper’s music, elevating it to new heights. From the bluesy licks of Glen Buxton to the shredding solos of Nita Strauss, each guitarist has brought their own flavor to the table, making the Alice Cooper experience truly unforgettable.

Influences and Legacy

Alice Cooper’s guitar players have been influenced by a wide range of musical styles and artists, which is evident in their playing. From the blues and classic rock roots to more contemporary influences, the guitarists have brought a diverse range of flavors to the band’s music. Their contributions have not only left a lasting impact on Alice Cooper’s discography but have also influenced generations of aspiring guitarists.


Alice Cooper’s guitar players have played a crucial role in shaping the sound and image of the band throughout its storied career. From the early days with Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce to the dynamic duo of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter, and the more recent additions of Keri Kelli and Nita Strauss, each guitarist has brought their unique talents and style to the Alice Cooper experience. Together, they have created a legacy that continues to captivate audiences and inspire future generations of rock musicians.