Is Knives Out Funny?

'Knives Out' Is a Hilarious Spin on the MurderMystery Genre
'Knives Out' Is a Hilarious Spin on the MurderMystery Genre from


Released in 2019, Knives Out quickly became a sensation in the mystery genre. Directed by Rian Johnson, the film boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas. While it is primarily known for its intriguing plot and stellar performances, one might wonder if Knives Out also offers a healthy dose of humor. In this article, we will explore whether this critically acclaimed film can elicit laughter from its audience.

The Dark Comedy Element

Knives Out, at its core, is a dark comedy. The film combines elements of suspense and mystery with cleverly written comedic moments. The humor is woven into the narrative seamlessly, ensuring that it never feels forced or out of place. From witty one-liners to absurd situations, the comedic aspect of Knives Out adds an extra layer of entertainment to the film.

The Characters and Their Humor

One of the key reasons why Knives Out is funny is its well-developed characters and their distinct sense of humor. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of detective Benoit Blanc is particularly noteworthy. His Southern accent, quirky mannerisms, and dry wit make him a constant source of amusement throughout the movie. Additionally, Chris Evans brings his charismatic charm to the character of Ransom Drysdale, providing plenty of comedic moments.

The Dialogue

The dialogue in Knives Out is sharp, clever, and often humorous. The script, penned by Rian Johnson himself, is filled with snappy comebacks and humorous exchanges between the characters. The fast-paced banter keeps the audience engaged and entertained, creating a lighthearted atmosphere amidst the dark and tense storyline.

The Situational Humor

In addition to the witty dialogue, Knives Out also employs situational humor to great effect. The film presents a dysfunctional family gathering, where tensions run high and secrets are revealed. The absurdity of the situations and the characters’ reactions to them often result in comedic moments that provide a welcome break from the intense mystery unfolding.

The Visual Comedy

While Knives Out primarily relies on its clever writing and performances for humor, there are also visual comedic elements scattered throughout the film. From physical comedy to visual gags, these moments add an extra layer of amusement to the overall experience. The attention to detail in both the set design and cinematography ensures that even the smallest visual cues can elicit laughter.

The Balance of Humor and Drama

Knives Out strikes a delicate balance between humor and drama. While it offers plenty of comedic moments, it never undermines the seriousness of the central mystery. The humor serves as a complement to the gripping storyline, providing much-needed levity without detracting from the suspenseful atmosphere that permeates the film.

The Audience Reception

Upon its release, Knives Out was met with widespread critical acclaim. Audiences praised the film for its engaging plot, strong performances, and yes, its humor. Many viewers found themselves laughing out loud at the clever dialogue and the amusing situations the characters found themselves in. The positive reception from both critics and audiences alike is a testament to the film’s ability to deliver laughs.


So, is Knives Out funny? Absolutely. With its dark comedy elements, well-written dialogue, and talented cast, the film manages to strike the perfect balance between humor and suspense. Whether you’re a fan of mysteries or simply enjoy a good laugh, Knives Out is sure to entertain and keep you guessing until the very end.


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