Amari Cooper Madden 22 Rating

Amari Cooper on the Browns in Madden 22! YouTube
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Amari Cooper Madden 22 Rating


Amari Cooper, the talented wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, has been a fan favorite since his college days at the University of Alabama. Known for his speed, agility, and precise route-running, Cooper has become a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. With the release of Madden 22, football fans and gamers alike are eager to know what rating Cooper has received in the latest edition of the popular video game franchise.

Amari Cooper’s Performance in Madden 22

In Madden 22, Amari Cooper has received a well-deserved rating of 91. This places him among the top wide receivers in the game and reflects his real-life abilities on the field. Cooper’s rating showcases his exceptional speed, agility, catching ability, and route-running skills, making him a valuable asset for any Madden player looking to dominate the passing game.

Speed and Agility

Cooper’s speed and agility are among his strongest attributes in Madden 22. With a speed rating of 92, he has the ability to burn past defenders and create separation, making him a deep threat for any team. Additionally, his agility rating of 93 allows him to quickly change direction and elude defenders, making him a nightmare to cover.

Catching Ability

Cooper’s catching ability is another standout feature in Madden 22. With a catching rating of 92, he has reliable hands and can make difficult catches in traffic. Whether it’s a contested catch or a diving grab, Cooper has the skills to come down with the ball and keep the chains moving.

Route-Running Skills

One of the areas where Cooper truly shines is in his route-running. With a route-running rating of 93, he has the ability to create separation from defenders and find open spaces in the defense. His precise cuts and understanding of route concepts make him a favorite target for quarterbacks in the game.

Tips for Using Amari Cooper in Madden 22

If you’re looking to maximize Amari Cooper’s impact in Madden 22, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Utilize his Speed

Take advantage of Cooper’s speed by sending him on deep routes or using him as a decoy to stretch the defense. His ability to get behind defenders can create big-play opportunities for your offense.

Target him on Slant Routes

Cooper’s route-running skills make him a dangerous target on slant routes. Use his quickness and agility to exploit the soft spots in the defense and gain yards after the catch.

Pair him with a Strong-Armed Quarterback

Cooper’s ability to stretch the field pairs well with a strong-armed quarterback who can deliver deep passes with accuracy. Look for quarterbacks with high throw power ratings to fully utilize Cooper’s speed.


Amari Cooper’s rating of 91 in Madden 22 reflects his exceptional skills as a wide receiver. His speed, agility, catching ability, and route-running make him a valuable asset for any Madden player. By utilizing his strengths and following the tips mentioned above, you can dominate the passing game and lead your team to victory with Amari Cooper on your roster.