Are Gravity Knives Illegal In Texas?

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In recent years, there has been increased interest in knife laws across different states, especially regarding gravity knives. Texas, known for its independent spirit and strong stance on individual liberties, has specific regulations concerning knives, but are gravity knives illegal in Texas? Let’s delve into this topic to shed light on the legal status of gravity knives in the Lone Star State.

Understanding Gravity Knives

Gravity knives are folding knives that can be opened with a flick of the wrist or by utilizing gravity. They have a blade concealed within the handle, which is released by activating a button or lever. These knives were initially designed for military use but have gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and collectors.

Texas Knife Laws

In Texas, knife laws are primarily governed by Section 46.01 of the Texas Penal Code. It distinguishes between legal and illegal knives based on their characteristics and intended use. The law permits individuals to carry knives openly, including pocket knives, unless they fall into the category of prohibited weapons.

Prohibited Weapons in Texas

According to the Texas Penal Code, certain types of knives are considered prohibited weapons. These include:

1. Knives with a blade over 5.5 inches and a handguard designed to prevent the user’s hand from slipping onto the blade.

2. Knives with a blade over 5.5 inches and a blade that opens automatically.

3. Knives with a double-edged blade, regardless of the blade length.

4. Knives specifically designed, made, or adapted for use as a weapon.

Legal Status of Gravity Knives

While the Texas Penal Code does not explicitly mention gravity knives, they are generally considered legal in the state. As long as a gravity knife does not fall under any of the prohibited weapon categories mentioned earlier, it is legal to possess, carry, and use in Texas.

Factors to Consider

It’s important to note that even if a knife is legal, there are restrictions on carrying it in certain locations. For instance, carrying a gravity knife in a courthouse or a school may be prohibited. Additionally, using any knife, including a gravity knife, with the intent to harm someone or commit a crime is strictly against the law.


While gravity knives are generally legal in Texas, it is crucial to stay informed about specific knife laws and regulations. Understanding the legalities surrounding gravity knives ensures that you can possess and use them responsibly. Always exercise caution and be mindful of the intended purpose when carrying any knife in public spaces. Check with local authorities or legal professionals for the most up-to-date information on knife laws in your area.


This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Knife laws can vary and change over time, so it is essential to consult legal professionals or local authorities for accurate and current information regarding the legality of gravity knives in Texas.