Best Ash Borer Treatment In 2023

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Ash borers are highly destructive pests that can cause significant damage to ash trees. If you have ash trees in your yard or property, it’s crucial to invest in the best ash borer treatment to protect them. In this article, we will explore the top treatments available in 2023 to help you combat these destructive pests effectively.

1. Insecticides

Insecticides are one of the most common and effective treatments for ash borers. They can be applied as soil drenches, trunk injections, or sprays. In 2023, many new insecticides have been developed, specifically targeting ash borers. These insecticides work by killing the borers upon contact or ingestion, preventing further damage to the ash trees.

2. Biological Control

Biological control methods involve introducing natural enemies of ash borers to control their population. In 2023, researchers have made significant advancements in this area, identifying specific predators and parasitoids that can effectively control ash borer populations. These biological control agents can be released in infested areas, providing long-term control of the pests.

3. Tree Banding

Tree banding is a physical method of trapping and preventing ash borers from reaching the tree canopy. In 2023, new and improved tree banding materials have been introduced, making this method more effective. The bands are wrapped around the trunk, creating a barrier that intercepts the borers as they crawl up the tree. Regular monitoring and removal of trapped borers are essential for the success of this treatment.

4. Tree Removal

In severe cases where ash trees are extensively damaged and beyond recovery, tree removal may be the best option. In 2023, professional tree removal services have become more advanced, ensuring safe and efficient removal of infested trees. It is crucial to consult with an arborist before deciding to remove an ash tree.

5. Tree Health Management

Maintaining the overall health of ash trees is crucial in preventing and managing ash borer infestations. In 2023, experts have developed specialized fertilizers and growth regulators that promote the tree’s vigor and natural defenses. Regular pruning, watering, and mulching are also essential practices to enhance the tree’s resilience against pests.


As ash borer infestations continue to pose a threat to ash trees, it is vital to invest in the best treatments available in 2023. Insecticides, biological control, tree banding, tree removal, and tree health management are among the top treatments that can effectively combat ash borers. Consult with a professional arborist to determine the most suitable treatment for your ash trees and ensure their long-term health and survival.