Best Dennis Cooper Books In 2023

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Dennis Cooper is an acclaimed American writer known for his dark and experimental novels. Over the years, he has produced several thought-provoking works that have captivated readers worldwide. In this article, we will explore some of the best Dennis Cooper books that you should consider adding to your reading list in 2023.

The Sluts

One of Dennis Cooper’s most controversial and influential works, “The Sluts” is a gripping exploration of desire, identity, and the blurred lines between reality and fiction. The novel follows an anonymous narrator who becomes obsessed with a male prostitute and documents their encounters on an online forum.


“Period” is a haunting and deeply introspective novel that delves into the complexities of adolescent sexuality. Cooper’s poetic prose and raw storytelling take readers on a journey through the troubled mind of a teenage boy grappling with his desires and the consequences that come with them.

God, Jr.

“God, Jr.” is a poignant exploration of grief, loss, and the search for meaning in the face of tragedy. Cooper’s lyrical writing style and vivid imagination bring to life the story of a father who, after losing his son, embarks on a surreal journey to find him in an alternative universe.


Considered one of Cooper’s most disturbing works, “Frisk” is a dark and unsettling novel that pushes the boundaries of conventional storytelling. The book follows a gay man named Dennis as he becomes entangled in a world of extreme sexual fantasies and violence.


“Closer” is a collection of interconnected stories that explore themes of love, desire, and human connection. Through his unique narrative style, Cooper delves into the lives of various characters, exposing their vulnerabilities and the complexities of their relationships.


In “Try,” Cooper delves into the world of underground pornography and the blurred lines between reality and performance. The novel follows a young man named Ziggy, who becomes involved in the production and consumption of explicit videos, blurring the boundaries between his own identity and the personas he adopts.


For those interested in exploring Dennis Cooper’s works further, “Guide” provides an insightful look into his writing process and the themes that permeate his novels. This collection of essays, interviews, and reviews offers a deeper understanding of Cooper’s unique vision and literary contributions.


Dennis Cooper’s books are not for the faint of heart, but they offer a thought-provoking and unique reading experience. Whether you’re drawn to his exploration of desire, his examination of grief and loss, or his unflinching portrayal of taboo subjects, there is a Dennis Cooper book for every reader. Consider adding some of his works to your reading list in 2023 and prepare to be captivated by his dark and compelling storytelling.