Black Copper Maran Chickens: A Unique Breed For Your Backyard

French Black Copper Maran Hens are what I'm raising now. This looks
French Black Copper Maran Hens are what I'm raising now. This looks from


Are you looking for a unique and beautiful addition to your backyard flock? Look no further than the Black Copper Maran chickens! These stunning birds are known for their dark, chocolate-colored feathers and delicious dark brown eggs. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, care, and benefits of raising Black Copper Maran chickens. Read on to discover why they are the perfect choice for any poultry enthusiast.

The Origins of Black Copper Marans

Black Copper Maran chickens originated in France and have a fascinating history. They were first bred in the town of Marans, hence the name. These birds were primarily used for meat production until their dark brown eggs gained popularity. Today, they are cherished for their unique appearance and egg-laying abilities.

Appearance and Characteristics

Black Copper Marans are known for their striking appearance. They have rich, black feathers with iridescent green and purple sheens. Their strong and sturdy bodies are medium-sized, making them ideal for both meat and egg production. These chickens have feathered legs and toes, which adds to their overall elegance.

Egg-laying Abilities

One of the most notable features of Black Copper Maran chickens is their exceptional egg-laying abilities. These birds are known for producing dark brown eggs, which are highly sought after by egg enthusiasts and chefs. The intensity of the egg color can vary, but it often ranges from deep chocolate brown to a lighter shade of brown.


Black Copper Marans have a calm and friendly temperament, making them a great choice for families or individuals looking for docile chickens. They are known to be sociable and can coexist peacefully with other chicken breeds. Their gentle nature makes them a pleasure to handle and interact with, especially for children.

Feeding and Care

Feeding Black Copper Maran chickens is relatively straightforward. They thrive on a balanced diet of commercial chicken feed, supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats. Providing them with access to clean water and a secure coop is essential for their overall well-being.

Health and Diseases

Like any breed, Black Copper Marans are susceptible to certain health issues. However, with proper care and regular health checks, you can ensure their well-being. Common concerns include parasites, respiratory infections, and egg-laying problems. Regular cleaning, vaccinations, and a nutritious diet can help prevent these issues.

Benefits of Raising Black Copper Marans

There are several benefits to raising Black Copper Maran chickens:

1. Unique Appearance

Their striking black feathers and feathered legs make them a visually appealing addition to any flock.

2. Egg Quality

Their dark brown eggs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have a rich flavor that is favored by many. They are often sought after by gourmet chefs and food enthusiasts.

3. Temperament

The docile and friendly nature of Black Copper Marans makes them a delightful breed to have around, especially for families with children.

4. Dual-purpose Birds

Black Copper Marans are excellent for both meat and egg production. Their medium-sized bodies make them suitable for meat, while their egg-laying abilities are highly regarded.

5. Educational Value

Raising Black Copper Marans provides an opportunity to learn about the history and characteristics of this unique breed. It can be a wonderful educational experience for children and adults alike.


If you are looking for a breed that combines beauty, productivity, and a calm temperament, Black Copper Maran chickens are an excellent choice. Their stunning appearance, delicious dark brown eggs, and friendly nature make them a valuable addition to any backyard flock. Start raising these unique birds and enjoy the numerous benefits they bring!