Cooper Kupp Dynasty Value In 2023

Dynasty Player Profile Cooper Kupp Dynasty Nerds
Dynasty Player Profile Cooper Kupp Dynasty Nerds from

The Rise of Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp has emerged as one of the most valuable wide receivers in dynasty fantasy football. With his consistent production and high ceiling, Kupp has become a coveted asset for fantasy managers in recent years. In 2023, Kupp’s dynasty value is at an all-time high, and it’s easy to see why.

Elite Production

Since entering the league in 2017, Kupp has consistently delivered elite production. He has been a favorite target for his quarterback, Jared Goff, and has developed a strong rapport with him. Kupp’s ability to find the end zone and rack up yards after the catch has made him a reliable fantasy option week in and week out.

In 2022, Kupp had a breakout season, finishing as the WR1 in PPR scoring formats. He recorded a staggering 145 receptions for 1,965 yards and 16 touchdowns. These numbers solidified his status as an elite receiver and skyrocketed his dynasty value.

Offensive System

Another factor contributing to Kupp’s dynasty value is the offensive system he plays in. The Los Angeles Rams, under the guidance of head coach Sean McVay, have consistently fielded one of the most explosive offenses in the league. This high-powered offense creates numerous opportunities for Kupp to showcase his skills and put up big numbers.

With McVay’s innovative play-calling and the addition of quarterback Justin Fields in the 2023 offseason, the Rams’ offense is expected to continue its success. This bodes well for Kupp’s dynasty value, as he should continue to be a focal point of the passing attack.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Kupp’s dynasty value is poised to remain high. He is only 30 years old and has shown no signs of slowing down. With his reliability, consistency, and high upside, Kupp is a player that fantasy managers can build their teams around for years to come.

Quarterback Situation

While Jared Goff has been instrumental in Kupp’s success, the addition of Justin Fields brings a new dynamic to the Rams’ offense. Fields is a dual-threat quarterback with a strong arm, and his ability to extend plays and make accurate throws downfield should benefit Kupp immensely.

Fields’ mobility will open up new opportunities for Kupp to get open and make big plays. This potential increase in deep passes and explosive plays should only enhance Kupp’s dynasty value and make him an even more valuable asset in fantasy football.

Consistency and Reliability

One of the most attractive aspects of Kupp’s dynasty value is his consistency and reliability. He has proven year after year that he can be counted on to produce at a high level. Fantasy managers can rely on Kupp to be a consistent scorer and a reliable option in their lineups week in and week out.

Whether it’s in PPR or standard scoring formats, Kupp’s ability to rack up receptions, yards, and touchdowns makes him a valuable asset in any dynasty league. His consistent production and high floor make him a player that managers can trust and build their teams around.


In 2023, Cooper Kupp’s dynasty value is at an all-time high. His elite production, the high-powered Rams offense, and the addition of Justin Fields all contribute to his value. With his consistency, reliability, and high ceiling, Kupp is a player that fantasy managers can confidently invest in for the long term. As he continues to thrive in the coming years, his dynasty value will only continue to rise, cementing his status as one of the top wide receivers in fantasy football.