Cooper Rush Preseason Stats: A Promising Start To The 2023 Season

Cooper Rush impresses in Cowboys' preseason win QB Country
Cooper Rush impresses in Cowboys' preseason win QB Country from


The 2023 NFL preseason has been an exciting time for football fans, with players fighting for roster spots and coaches evaluating their teams. One player who has caught the attention of many is Cooper Rush, the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Rush has shown impressive skills and potential throughout the preseason, leaving fans hopeful for a successful season ahead.

Early Preseason Success

Rush’s preseason journey began with the Hall of Fame Game, where he showcased his abilities and led the Cowboys to a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He completed 12 of 16 passes for 115 yards, including a touchdown pass to wide receiver Malik Turner. This performance set the tone for what was to come in the following games.

Consistency and Accuracy

Throughout the preseason, Rush has displayed excellent consistency and accuracy in his throws. His completion percentage has been consistently high, showing his ability to make smart decisions on the field. Rush’s accuracy has allowed him to connect with his receivers and move the chains effectively, putting the Cowboys in a favorable position during games.

Touchdown Passes

Rush has also demonstrated his ability to find the end zone with touchdown passes. In the preseason games leading up to this point, he has thrown a total of five touchdown passes, showcasing his chemistry with the Cowboys’ receiving corps. Rush’s ability to deliver accurate and well-timed passes in the red zone has been a valuable asset for the team.

Improved Decision-Making

One area where Rush has shown significant improvement is his decision-making. He has displayed better judgment when it comes to reading defenses and choosing the right targets to throw to. Rush’s improved decision-making has resulted in fewer interceptions and turnovers, a crucial factor in determining a quarterback’s success.

Mobility and Pocket Awareness

Rush’s mobility and pocket awareness have been another highlight of his preseason performance. He has shown the ability to escape pressure and extend plays with his legs, keeping the defense on their toes. Rush’s pocket awareness has allowed him to avoid sacks and make quick decisions, ultimately benefiting the Cowboys’ offense.

Leadership Skills

As the backup quarterback, Rush has also displayed strong leadership skills on and off the field. He has shown the ability to rally his teammates, motivate them, and lead by example. Rush’s leadership qualities have been instrumental in maintaining team morale and cohesion during the preseason, which will undoubtedly carry over into the regular season.

Competition for the Backup Spot

Rush’s impressive preseason performance has put him in a favorable position in the competition for the backup quarterback spot. While the starting position is still firmly held by Dak Prescott, Rush’s consistency and potential make him a strong candidate for the backup role. Coaches and fans alike are excited to see how he continues to develop throughout the season.


Cooper Rush has had a remarkable preseason, showcasing his skills, consistency, and leadership abilities. His improved decision-making, accuracy, and mobility have made him an asset to the Dallas Cowboys’ offense. As the 2023 NFL season progresses, it will be exciting to see how Rush continues to contribute to the team’s success. With his promising preseason stats, Rush has undoubtedly made a name for himself and is poised for a successful season ahead.