Cooper Rush Stats Vs Rams In 2023

Cowboys' Cooper Rush joins exclusive list of NFL quarterbacks to start
Cowboys' Cooper Rush joins exclusive list of NFL quarterbacks to start from


In the highly anticipated game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams in 2023, backup quarterback Cooper Rush proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. Despite the absence of star quarterback Dak Prescott due to injury, Rush stepped up to the challenge and delivered an outstanding performance.

Rush’s Performance

Rush showcased his skills and determination throughout the game. He displayed remarkable accuracy, completing over 75% of his passes. His decision-making was excellent, as he consistently found open receivers and made smart choices with the football.

One of the standout moments of the game was Rush’s touchdown pass to wide receiver Amari Cooper. Rush perfectly placed the ball in Cooper’s hands, allowing him to make a spectacular catch in the end zone. This play demonstrated Rush’s ability to connect with his teammates and make big plays under pressure.

Stats Breakdown

Rush’s impressive performance was reflected in his stats for the game. He threw for over 300 yards, showcasing his arm strength and precision. Rush also threw two touchdowns, showing his ability to lead the team to the end zone. Additionally, he had zero interceptions, highlighting his decision-making and ability to protect the football.

Another notable aspect of Rush’s performance was his mobility. He evaded the Rams’ pass rush with ease, using his agility to extend plays and create opportunities for his receivers. Rush’s ability to make plays with his feet added an extra dimension to the Cowboys’ offense and kept the Rams’ defense on their toes.

Impact on the Game

Rush’s exceptional performance had a significant impact on the outcome of the game. Despite being the underdog without their starting quarterback, the Cowboys emerged victorious, largely due to Rush’s contributions. His ability to make accurate throws and lead the team effectively allowed the Cowboys to maintain control of the game.

Rush’s performance also boosted the morale of the entire team. His confidence and poise under pressure inspired his teammates and instilled belief in their ability to succeed. The Cowboys’ offense rallied around Rush, showcasing a strong team dynamic and cohesion throughout the game.

Implications for the Future

Rush’s standout performance against the Rams has raised eyebrows and generated excitement about his potential as a starting quarterback. While Dak Prescott is the undisputed leader of the Cowboys’ offense, Rush’s performance has proven that he is a reliable backup option and a valuable asset to the team.

Coaches and fans alike have recognized Rush’s talent and are eager to see how he will continue to develop. His performance against the Rams has undoubtedly increased competition within the team and pushed everyone to elevate their game.


Cooper Rush’s impressive stats and performance against the Rams in 2023 have solidified his place as a capable backup quarterback. His accuracy, decision-making, and mobility were on full display, leading the Cowboys to victory. Rush’s performance has sparked excitement about his future potential and added depth to the Cowboys’ quarterback position. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Rush and his ability to continue delivering exceptional performances.