Cooper Stt Pro 33X12.50R18 – The Ultimate Off-Road Tire

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Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 – The Ultimate Off-Road Tire


When it comes to off-road adventures, having the right tires can make all the difference. Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 is a tire that stands out from the rest. Its exceptional performance, durability, and aggressive tread pattern make it the perfect choice for any off-road enthusiast.

Unmatched Off-Road Performance

The Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 is designed to conquer any terrain. Its aggressive tread pattern with large, self-cleaning lugs ensures maximum traction and stability, allowing you to navigate through mud, sand, rocks, and even snow with ease. Whether you’re tackling steep inclines or traversing challenging trails, this tire delivers unmatched off-road performance.

Durable Construction

Cooper is known for its high-quality tires, and the STT Pro 33×12.50R18 is no exception. It features a 3-ply Armor-Tek3 carcass construction that provides excellent puncture resistance and enhanced durability. This tire can withstand the harshest off-road conditions, giving you the confidence to explore even the most rugged terrains.

Enhanced Traction

One of the standout features of the Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 is its advanced silica-based tread compound. This compound not only improves traction on both wet and dry surfaces but also enhances tread life. The tire’s unique stone ejector ribs prevent stone drilling, keeping the tread clear for optimal traction.

Comfortable and Quiet Ride

Contrary to popular belief, off-road tires can be comfortable and quiet on the road too. The Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 is designed with a specially formulated tread compound and optimized tread design that reduces road noise and provides a smooth ride. So, whether you’re conquering the trails or cruising on the highway, this tire ensures a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your tires is essential for their longevity and performance. The Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 makes maintenance a breeze. Its unique tread pattern and design allow for easy cleaning, preventing mud and debris build-up. Additionally, the tire’s sidewall design protects against cuts and abrasions, ensuring its longevity even in harsh off-road conditions.

Excellent Load Capacity

Whether you’re hauling heavy loads or towing a trailer, the Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 has you covered. With a high load capacity, this tire can handle the weight without compromising performance. It provides stability, control, and peace of mind, making it a reliable choice for both work and play.

Impressive Wet Performance

Off-road adventures often involve encountering wet and slippery terrains. The Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18 excels in such conditions with its superior wet performance. Its deep circumferential grooves and wide lateral notches effectively channel water away, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and ensuring optimal grip on wet surfaces.


If you’re in search of the ultimate off-road tire, look no further than the Cooper STT Pro 33×12.50R18. Its exceptional off-road performance, durable construction, enhanced traction, comfortable ride, and easy maintenance make it the perfect companion for any adventure. Upgrade your vehicle with these tires, and get ready to conquer the off-road trails like never before!