Drg Breach Cutter Build: A Powerful Weapon For Deep Rock Galactic

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Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) is an action-packed cooperative first-person shooter game that takes players on thrilling mining expeditions in space. One of the most powerful weapons in the game is the Breach Cutter, a versatile tool that can decimate enemies and clear pathways with ease. In this article, we will delve into the details of the best DRG Breach Cutter build for maximum effectiveness in combat.

Understanding the Breach Cutter

The Breach Cutter is a primary weapon for the Gunner class in DRG. It fires a high-energy laser beam that cuts through enemies and terrain, dealing massive damage. The weapon can be modified with various upgrades, allowing players to customize it according to their playstyle and mission requirements.

Building for Damage

When it comes to maximizing the damage output of the Breach Cutter, there are a few key upgrades to consider. Firstly, the “Expanded Ammo Bags” upgrade increases the weapon’s ammo capacity, allowing for more sustained fire. Pair this with the “High Capacity Casing” upgrade, which boosts the damage per shot, and you have a deadly combination.

Additionally, the “Armor Breaking” upgrade is essential for dealing with heavily armored enemies. It enhances the weapon’s armor penetration, making it easier to eliminate tough foes. Combine this with the “Armor Breaking Overload” overclock, and you’ll be able to shred through even the most resilient enemies.

Enhancing Area Damage

If you prefer clearing out swarms of enemies efficiently, focusing on area damage upgrades is the way to go. The “Explosive Goodbye” upgrade adds a small explosion to the end of the laser beam, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. This can be further amplified with the “Expanded Ammo Bags” upgrade, allowing you to unleash devastating area attacks.

Another option is the “Supercharged Feed Mechanism” upgrade, which increases the weapon’s rate of fire. This enables you to quickly mow down hordes of enemies, making it ideal for intense combat situations.

Recommended Loadout

Based on our analysis, the optimal Breach Cutter build for DRG consists of the following upgrades:

  • Expanded Ammo Bags
  • High Capacity Casing
  • Armor Breaking
  • Explosive Goodbye

This loadout provides a good balance between single-target and area damage, making it versatile for various mission types. However, feel free to experiment and customize your build according to your preferences and playstyle.


The DRG Breach Cutter is a formidable weapon that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. By selecting the right upgrades and loadout, you can maximize its potential and become a force to be reckoned with in Deep Rock Galactic. Whether you prefer dealing massive damage to individual targets or clearing out swarms of enemies, the Breach Cutter has you covered. So gear up, team up with your fellow dwarves, and embark on thrilling mining adventures with the power of the Breach Cutter at your disposal!