Elden Ring Best Axes: A Guide To Devastating Weapons

Elden Ring Best Great Axe Tier List Best Great Axe To Use
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Welcome to our guide on Elden Ring’s best axes! As players venture through the mysterious and treacherous lands of Elden Ring, having a powerful and reliable weapon is crucial for survival. Axes are renowned for their raw power and devastating strikes, making them a popular choice among warriors. In this article, we will explore the top axes in Elden Ring and discuss their unique attributes and strengths. Whether you prefer a one-handed or two-handed axe, we have got you covered!

The Battleaxe of the Fallen

The Perfect Blend of Power and Speed

The Battleaxe of the Fallen is a legendary weapon that strikes a perfect balance between power and speed. Its exceptional scaling with strength allows players to deal significant damage with each swing. Additionally, it boasts a unique ability, “Cursed Strikes,” which inflicts additional damage over time to enemies hit by the axe. This makes it an excellent choice for engaging in prolonged battles against tough foes.

The Executioner’s Cleaver

A Brutal Weapon for Decisive Strikes

For those seeking brute force and devastating blows, the Executioner’s Cleaver is the perfect choice. This two-handed axe excels in dealing massive damage with each swing, allowing players to quickly dispatch enemies. Its wide arc of attack ensures that multiple foes can be caught in a single swing, making it ideal for crowd control situations. However, its weight and slow swing speed require players to time their strikes carefully.

The Serpent’s Fang

Unleash Poisonous Strikes

The Serpent’s Fang is a unique axe that specializes in poisoning enemies. Each strike has a chance to inflict poison damage, gradually decreasing the health of affected foes. This makes it a powerful weapon against enemies with high health pools, as the poison effect continues to chip away at their health even after the initial strike. The Serpent’s Fang also features a fast swing speed, allowing for quick and relentless assaults.

The Frostbite Axe

Freeze Enemies in Their Tracks

When facing enemies vulnerable to frost damage, the Frostbite Axe is a formidable weapon of choice. With each strike, this axe has a chance to freeze enemies, temporarily immobilizing them and leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. This can be particularly useful against fast and agile foes, as it allows players to control the pace of the battle. The Frostbite Axe’s high base damage and additional frost damage make it a deadly weapon in the right hands.

The Sacred Oak Splitter

Harness the Power of Nature

For those who prefer a weapon infused with nature’s energy, the Sacred Oak Splitter is an excellent option. This axe channels the power of the forest, allowing players to deal bonus damage against enemies weak to nature attacks. Its unique ability, “Nature’s Wrath,” unleashes a powerful shockwave upon impact, damaging nearby foes and potentially staggering them. The Sacred Oak Splitter’s versatility and solid damage output make it a reliable choice for any adventurer.

The Iron Reaver

A Heavyweight Axe for Maximum Impact

If you favor sheer force and overwhelming impact, the Iron Reaver is the axe for you. This massive two-handed weapon excels in dealing staggering blows, capable of breaking through enemy defenses and leaving them vulnerable. Its slow swing speed is compensated by its incredibly high base damage and the ability to bypass a portion of enemy armor. The Iron Reaver is a weapon of choice for those who want to crush their enemies with unrelenting power.

The Thunderstrike Axe

Unleash the Power of Lightning

For warriors seeking to harness the power of lightning, the Thunderstrike Axe is an electrifying choice. This axe inflicts additional lightning damage with each strike, making it highly effective against enemies weak to lightning attacks. Its unique ability, “Storm’s Embrace,” allows players to summon a temporary lightning storm, damaging and stunning nearby foes. The Thunderstrike Axe’s combination of lightning damage and crowd control abilities make it a force to be reckoned with.


Choosing the best axe in Elden Ring depends on your preferred playstyle and the enemies you face. Whether you seek a balance of power and speed, devastating blows, or elemental damage, the axes mentioned in this guide provide a range of options to suit your needs. Experiment with different axes, upgrade them to enhance their effectiveness, and discover the perfect axe that resonates with your warrior’s spirit. May your strikes be true and your victories be glorious in the realm of Elden Ring!