Graveyard Keeper Iron Chisel: A Must-Have Tool For Crafting And Progression

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Graveyard Keeper, the popular simulation game that puts you in charge of managing a medieval cemetery, has captivated players with its immersive world and engaging gameplay. As you navigate through the game, you will come across various tools and items that are essential for your progression. One such tool is the Iron Chisel, a versatile instrument that plays a crucial role in crafting and unlocking new possibilities.

Unlocking the Iron Chisel

Unlocking the Iron Chisel is a significant milestone in Graveyard Keeper. To obtain this valuable tool, you need to progress through the game’s technology tree and unlock the Smithing technology. Once you have access to the Smithing technology, you can craft an Iron Chisel using the appropriate resources.

Crafting the Iron Chisel

To craft an Iron Chisel, you will need the following resources:

– Iron Ingots: Gather iron ore from mines or purchase it from the Blacksmith. Use a Furnace to smelt the iron ore into iron ingots.

– Simple Iron Parts: Craft simple iron parts at the Anvil using iron ingots.

– Wooden Billets: Obtain wooden billets by chopping down trees and processing the logs at the Sawmill.

– Nails: Create nails at the Smithy using iron ingots.

Once you have gathered these resources, head to the Smithy and craft your Iron Chisel. It’s essential to have a steady supply of iron ingots and simple iron parts as they are used in various other crafting recipes as well.

Utilizing the Iron Chisel

With the Iron Chisel in your possession, a whole new world of possibilities opens up in Graveyard Keeper. The Iron Chisel allows you to interact with specific objects and unlock valuable resources and items. Here are some of the key uses of the Iron Chisel:

– Stone Quarry: Use the Iron Chisel to extract stone blocks from a stone quarry. These stone blocks can be used for construction and upgrading buildings.

– Marble Quarry: Similar to the stone quarry, the Iron Chisel enables you to extract marble blocks from a marble quarry. Marble is a valuable resource used in advanced crafting recipes.

– Graveyard Statue: As you progress in the game, you can craft and decorate a graveyard statue. The Iron Chisel helps you shape and refine the statue, adding a personal touch to your cemetery.

Enhancing Efficiency and Progression

Having the Iron Chisel at your disposal not only enhances your crafting options but also improves your efficiency and progression in Graveyard Keeper. With the ability to extract stone and marble blocks, you can upgrade your buildings, unlock new technologies, and attract more visitors to your graveyard. The Iron Chisel is a valuable asset that accelerates your overall gameplay experience.


The Iron Chisel is an indispensable tool in Graveyard Keeper, enabling you to unlock new resources, craft advanced items, and enhance your cemetery. By progressing through the game’s technology tree and crafting this essential tool, you open up a world of possibilities for your gameplay. So, grab your Iron Chisel and embark on an exciting journey in Graveyard Keeper!