How Much Is Cooper Rush Getting Paid In 2023?

Cooper Rush Suzette Strauss
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An Overview of Cooper Rush’s Salary

Cooper Rush, the talented quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, has been making waves in the NFL with his impressive skills and performances. As of 2023, Rush is set to receive a handsome paycheck for his contributions to the team. Let’s take a closer look at how much he is getting paid and what factors contribute to his salary.

The Contract Details

Rush signed a new contract with the Cowboys in the offseason, solidifying his future with the team. The terms of the contract include a base salary, signing bonus, and various performance incentives. The total value of the contract is reported to be around $10 million over a span of three years.

Base Salary and Bonus Structure

Rush’s base salary for the 2023 season is set at $2 million. This amount is guaranteed, meaning he will receive it regardless of his performance or playing time. Additionally, he received a signing bonus of $2 million, which was paid upfront upon signing the contract. This bonus serves as a reward for his commitment to the team and helps to incentivize his continued success.

Performance Incentives

In addition to his base salary and signing bonus, Rush has the opportunity to earn even more through performance incentives. These incentives are tied to specific goals and achievements, such as reaching a certain number of passing yards, touchdowns, or leading the team to the playoffs. If Rush meets or exceeds these targets, he will receive additional bonuses, which can significantly boost his overall earnings.

Market Value and Comparison

When determining Rush’s salary, market value and player comparisons play a crucial role. The Cowboys considered Rush’s performance in previous seasons, his potential for growth, and the salaries of other quarterbacks with similar skill sets and experience. This helps ensure that Rush’s salary is fair and competitive within the league.

The Impact of Rush’s Salary on the Team

Rush’s salary has implications for the Dallas Cowboys’ overall budget and roster management. While his salary is significant, it is essential to consider the team’s salary cap and the financial commitments to other players. The Cowboys have to strike a balance between compensating Rush fairly and maintaining financial flexibility to build a competitive roster.

The Importance of a Reliable Backup Quarterback

It is worth noting that Rush serves as the team’s backup quarterback, providing support and stepping in when needed. Having a reliable backup is crucial in case the starting quarterback gets injured or needs to be replaced temporarily. Rush’s salary reflects his value as a backup and the peace of mind he brings to the team and coaching staff.

Rising Salaries in the NFL

It’s no secret that salaries in the NFL have been on the rise in recent years. With the league’s ever-increasing revenue streams and the importance of skilled quarterbacks, it is not surprising to see Rush’s salary at this level. As the demand for talented players continues to grow, so do their salaries.


In conclusion, Cooper Rush is set to earn a significant salary for the 2023 season as the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. With a base salary of $2 million, a signing bonus of $2 million, and the potential for additional performance incentives, Rush’s total earnings can reach impressive heights. As the NFL continues to evolve and players’ salaries increase, Rush’s salary is a reflection of his value to the team and the league’s economic landscape.