How To Watch First Knives Out In 2023

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As the year 2023 rolls in, movie enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the release of the first installment of Knives Out. This highly anticipated murder mystery film has already generated a buzz among fans, and many are excited to watch it. If you’re one of those eager fans, here’s how you can watch the first Knives Out movie in 2023.

1. Check Local Theaters

The first and most traditional way to watch Knives Out is by checking your local theaters. As the release date approaches, theaters will start screening the movie. Keep an eye on their websites or call them to inquire about showtimes and ticket availability.

2. Online Streaming Services

If you prefer watching movies from the comfort of your own home, online streaming services are your best bet. In 2023, Knives Out is likely to be available on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. Subscribe to these services and stay updated with their new releases to catch the movie as soon as it becomes available.

3. DVD and Blu-ray Releases

For those who enjoy collecting physical copies of their favorite movies, keep an eye out for the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Knives Out. Usually, a few weeks after the movie’s theatrical release, you can find it in stores or online marketplaces like Amazon. Pre-ordering the movie is also an option to ensure you get it as soon as it’s released.

4. Pay-Per-View or Video On Demand

In some cases, movies become available for rent or purchase on pay-per-view or video-on-demand platforms shortly after their theatrical release. Keep an eye on platforms like iTunes, Google Play Movies, or Vudu, as they might offer Knives Out for rental or purchase.

5. Film Festivals and Special Screenings

If you’re a film enthusiast and enjoy attending festivals or special screenings, keep an eye out for any events featuring Knives Out. Film festivals often showcase highly anticipated movies before their official release. Check local listings or film festival websites to see if Knives Out will be screened at any of these events.

6. Cable or Satellite TV

Some cable or satellite TV providers offer on-demand services where you can watch recently released movies. Check with your provider to see if they offer Knives Out in their movie library. Alternatively, they might schedule a premiere on one of their movie channels.

7. Social Media and Websites

Stay connected with movie-related websites and follow the official Knives Out social media accounts. They often share updates on release dates, theater screenings, and availability on streaming platforms. This way, you’ll be among the first to know when and where you can watch the movie.

8. Fan Events and Premieres

Depending on your location, there might be fan events or premieres organized for Knives Out. These events offer a unique opportunity to watch the movie before its official release. Keep an eye on local entertainment websites or fan communities to stay updated on any such events.

9. International Releases and Subtitles

If you’re located outside the United States, the release date of Knives Out might vary. Keep an eye on international release dates, and if English is not your first language, check if the movie will have subtitles in your preferred language.

10. DVD Rental Services

If you don’t wish to purchase the movie, DVD rental services like Redbox might offer Knives Out for rent shortly after its release. These services provide an affordable and convenient way to watch movies without the need for a subscription.

With these various options, you’ll be able to watch the first Knives Out movie in 2023. Whether you prefer the big screen experience, streaming from home, or collecting physical copies, make sure to mark your calendars and be ready for the release of this thrilling murder mystery.