Hutchinson Sweep Auger Parts: A Comprehensive Guide In 2023

Hutchinson NexGen 3000 Commercial Sweep AGI
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Hutchinson sweep augers are essential components in grain storage systems, offering efficient grain movement and maximizing storage capacity. However, like any mechanical device, these sweep augers may require replacement parts over time to ensure optimal performance. In this article, we will explore the various Hutchinson sweep auger parts available in 2023, providing valuable insights for farmers and grain storage facility owners.

1. Flighting

Flighting, also known as the helical screw, is a critical component of the Hutchinson sweep auger. Made from durable materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, it helps transport grain from the center of the bin to the discharge end. When selecting flighting, consider factors such as diameter, pitch, and material quality to ensure efficient grain movement.

2. Bearings

High-quality bearings are essential for smooth rotation and minimal friction in the sweep auger. Hutchinson offers a range of bearings suitable for different auger models. Proper lubrication and regular maintenance are crucial to extend bearing lifespan and prevent premature wear.

3. Drive Systems

The drive system is responsible for powering the sweep auger. Hutchinson provides various drive options, including electric or hydraulic systems, to cater to different operational needs. Regular inspection and maintenance of the drive system are necessary to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

4. Flight Retention Systems

Flight retention systems ensure the flighting is securely attached to the sweep auger. Hutchinson offers different types of flight retention systems, such as bolted or welded connections, to suit specific requirements. Regular inspection and tightening of bolts or welds are essential to maintain the integrity of the system.

5. Safety Components

Safety should always be a top priority when using sweep augers. Hutchinson provides safety components such as guards, shields, and emergency stop systems to minimize the risk of accidents. Regularly inspect these safety components and replace any damaged parts immediately.

6. Gearboxes

The gearbox is responsible for transmitting power from the drive system to the sweep auger. Hutchinson offers robust gearboxes designed to handle the demanding conditions of grain storage facilities. Regular lubrication and maintenance are crucial to ensure smooth operation and prevent gear failure.

7. Discharge Systems

The discharge system allows grain to exit the sweep auger and flow to the desired location. Hutchinson offers various discharge options, including slide gates and auger spouts. Regular inspection and cleaning of the discharge system are necessary to prevent blockages and ensure proper grain flow.

8. Flighting Wear Components

Over time, flighting may experience wear and tear due to the abrasive nature of grain. Hutchinson offers wear components such as wear shoes and wear strips to protect the flighting and prolong its lifespan. Regularly inspect and replace these wear components to maintain optimal performance.

9. Sensor Systems

Sensor systems play a crucial role in monitoring the operation of the sweep auger. Hutchinson provides sensor systems to detect grain level, temperature, and other important parameters. Regular calibration and maintenance of these sensor systems are necessary to ensure accurate readings and prevent malfunctions.

10. Auger Accessories

In addition to the core components, Hutchinson offers various auger accessories such as spacers, flight extensions, and hopper inserts. These accessories allow customization and adaptability to different grain storage setups. Consider these accessories to optimize the functionality of your sweep auger.


When it comes to maintaining and optimizing Hutchinson sweep augers, having access to the right parts is crucial. By understanding the various Hutchinson sweep auger parts available in 2023, farmers and grain storage facility owners can make informed decisions to ensure the longevity and efficiency of their grain storage systems. Regular maintenance and inspection, along with timely replacement of worn or damaged parts, will help maximize the performance of the sweep auger and contribute to a successful grain storage operation.