Plasma Cutter Amps Thickness Chart

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Plasma Cutter Amps Thickness Chart – 2023


When it comes to cutting metal, a plasma cutter is an essential tool. It uses an electric arc and compressed gas to create a high-velocity jet of plasma that can cut through various types of metal with precision. However, to achieve optimal results, it is crucial to understand the relationship between plasma cutter amps and the thickness of the material being cut.

Understanding Amps and Thickness

Plasma cutters are available in different amp ratings, typically ranging from 20 to 100 amps. The amp rating determines the cutting capability of the machine. Higher amp ratings allow for cutting thicker materials, while lower amp ratings are suitable for thinner materials.

Plasma Cutter Amps Thickness Chart

Here is a handy chart that shows the recommended amp range for cutting different metal thicknesses:

Material Thickness:

1/8″ – 20-30 amps

1/4″ – 30-45 amps

3/8″ – 45-65 amps

1/2″ – 65-85 amps

3/4″ – 85-105 amps

1″ – 105-125 amps

Tips for Choosing the Right Amp Setting

Choosing the right amp setting for your plasma cutter is essential to achieve clean, precise cuts. Here are some tips to help you select the appropriate amp rating:

Consider the Material:

Take into account the thickness and type of material you are cutting. Thicker metals require higher amp settings, while thinner metals can be cut at lower amp settings. Consult the plasma cutter’s manual for specific guidelines.

Experiment and Test:

If you are unsure about the appropriate amp setting, it is best to experiment and test on a scrap piece of metal. Start with a lower amp setting and gradually increase it until you find the optimal balance between cutting speed and quality.


Understanding the relationship between plasma cutter amps and material thickness is crucial for achieving accurate and efficient cuts. By referring to the plasma cutter amps thickness chart and following the tips mentioned, you can confidently select the right amp setting for your cutting needs. Remember to prioritize safety and always wear appropriate protective gear when operating a plasma cutter.