Polly Cooper And The American Revolution

Polly Cooper Emerging Revolutionary War Era
Polly Cooper Emerging Revolutionary War Era from emergingrevolutionarywar.org

The Heroic Actions of Polly Cooper

Polly Cooper, a Native American woman from the Oneida tribe, played a significant role in the American Revolution. Her bravery and dedication to the cause have been largely overlooked in history books. In this article, we will explore the remarkable story of Polly Cooper and her contributions to the fight for independence.

The Oneida Tribe’s Support for the Patriots

During the American Revolution, the Oneida tribe, located in present-day New York, chose to support the Patriots. Polly Cooper was one of many Oneida women who actively participated in the war effort. Despite the risks involved, she fearlessly ventured into enemy territory to provide assistance to the Continental Army.

Aiding the Troops at Valley Forge

One of Polly Cooper’s most notable achievements was her involvement in aiding the troops at Valley Forge. In the harsh winter of 1777-1778, General George Washington’s army faced extreme hardships, including a shortage of food and supplies. Polly Cooper, along with other Oneida women, traveled to Valley Forge to provide much-needed provisions and medical aid.

Polly Cooper’s Medical Knowledge

Polly Cooper possessed extensive knowledge of herbal medicine, which she used to treat wounded soldiers. She prepared poultices, brewed medicinal teas, and provided comfort to the sick and injured. Her skills and compassion greatly contributed to the soldiers’ recovery and morale during their time at Valley Forge.

The Long-lasting Impact

Polly Cooper’s contributions did not end with the American Revolution. She continued to advocate for her tribe’s rights and well-being long after the war had concluded. Her tireless efforts helped secure land and resources for the Oneida people, ensuring their survival and prosperity.

The Forgotten Hero

Despite her invaluable contributions, Polly Cooper’s story remained largely forgotten for many years. It is only recently that historians and scholars have begun to shed light on her remarkable life and legacy. Today, efforts are being made to honor her memory and recognize her as a true American hero.

Remembering Polly Cooper

Polly Cooper’s story serves as a reminder of the many unsung heroes of the American Revolution. Her bravery, selflessness, and determination to fight for justice and liberty should not be forgotten. As we commemorate the events of the past, let us also remember and honor the individuals like Polly Cooper, who played a vital role in shaping our nation’s history.


Polly Cooper’s contributions to the American Revolution were invaluable. Her bravery, medical knowledge, and dedication to the cause of independence played a significant role in the success of the Patriots. It is essential that we continue to learn and share stories like hers, ensuring that future generations understand the sacrifices made by individuals like Polly Cooper during this pivotal time in American history.