Roman Dolidze Calf Slicer: A Powerful Submission Technique

Roman Dolidze retains his undefeated record, defeats John Allan in an
Roman Dolidze retains his undefeated record, defeats John Allan in an from


In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), fighters are always looking for new and effective submission techniques to gain an edge over their opponents. One such technique that has gained significant attention recently is the Roman Dolidze calf slicer. This technique, named after the Georgian UFC fighter Roman Dolidze, is a highly effective and devastating move that can quickly end a fight.

Understanding the Calf Slicer

The calf slicer is a submission technique that primarily targets the lower leg, specifically the calf and knee areas. It involves trapping the opponent’s leg between the practitioner’s legs and applying immense pressure to the calf muscle or knee joint. This technique can cause excruciating pain and potential damage if not properly defended against.

Execution of the Technique

To execute the Roman Dolidze calf slicer, the practitioner begins by controlling their opponent’s leg. This can be done by either catching a kick or transitioning from another position. Once the leg is secured, the practitioner then places their own leg on the back of their opponent’s knee while simultaneously hooking their foot behind their opponent’s calf. This creates a tight grip and allows for maximum pressure to be applied.

Advantages of the Roman Dolidze Calf Slicer

The Roman Dolidze calf slicer offers several advantages for fighters who have mastered this technique. Firstly, it can be executed from various positions, such as when in the guard, half-guard, or even during a transition. This versatility makes it a valuable weapon in a fighter’s arsenal.

Secondly, the calf slicer can catch opponents off guard, as it is not as commonly seen or anticipated compared to other submission techniques. This element of surprise can give the practitioner a significant advantage and increase the likelihood of successfully securing the submission.

Defending Against the Calf Slicer

While the Roman Dolidze calf slicer can be a devastating technique, there are various ways to defend against it. One common defense is to immediately recognize the threat and create distance by pushing against the practitioner’s leg or attempting to posture up. This can alleviate the pressure and make it harder for the opponent to secure the submission.

Another effective defense is to prevent the practitioner from fully securing their leg positioning. By keeping the legs active and constantly moving, the opponent can make it difficult for the practitioner to establish a stable grip and apply the necessary pressure.


The Roman Dolidze calf slicer is a powerful submission technique that has the potential to end fights quickly. With its versatility and element of surprise, it has become a valuable tool for MMA fighters looking to gain an advantage over their opponents. However, it is essential to remember that this technique should only be attempted by experienced practitioners who thoroughly understand the risks and proper execution. As with any submission technique, it is crucial to prioritize safety and training under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

As the world of MMA continues to evolve, it is exciting to see new techniques like the Roman Dolidze calf slicer emerge and capture the attention of fighters and fans alike. Whether it becomes a staple in every fighter’s repertoire or remains a specialized move, one thing is certain – the calf slicer is here to stay.