The Mystery Of D.b. Cooper Money Serial Numbers

Documentarian John Dower on “The Mystery of D.B. Cooper” The Credits
Documentarian John Dower on “The Mystery of D.B. Cooper” The Credits from


It’s been nearly 51 years since the infamous D.B. Cooper hijacking case, and the mystery surrounding it continues to captivate the world. One of the lingering questions is the fate of the money that Cooper parachuted away with. In this article, we delve into the intriguing subject of D.B. Cooper’s money serial numbers and the ongoing search for clues.

The Hijacking Incident

On November 24, 1971, a man identifying himself as Dan Cooper boarded a Northwest Orient Airlines flight from Portland to Seattle. He handed a note to the flight attendant claiming to have a bomb and demanded $200,000 in cash and four parachutes. After receiving the ransom, Cooper ordered the plane to take off, and later, during the flight, he parachuted away with the money.

The Serial Numbers

The money handed over to D.B. Cooper consisted of 10,000 $20 bills, all with unique serial numbers. These serial numbers were meticulously recorded by law enforcement agencies in hopes of tracking the money and identifying potential suspects. However, despite extensive efforts, the majority of the money has never been recovered.

The Search for Clues

Over the years, individuals, treasure hunters, and even amateurs have actively searched for the missing D.B. Cooper money. Some have combed through forests, rivers, and remote areas in hopes of stumbling upon the hidden fortune. However, the chances of finding actual bills, let alone those with matching serial numbers, seem slim.

Collectors and the Conundrum

Collectors of rare and unusual currency have also taken an interest in the D.B. Cooper money. They keep an eye out for bills with serial numbers that match those of the ransom. Owning one of these bills would be a unique and historically significant addition to their collection. However, the authenticity of such bills is often challenging to verify, and many forgeries have surfaced over the years.

The Role of Technology

In recent years, advancements in technology have given hope to those searching for clues about the missing money. High-resolution imaging and scanning systems now allow experts to identify microscopic details in banknotes, which can help in determining their origin and history. These advancements may eventually aid in verifying the authenticity of any potential D.B. Cooper bills.

The Enduring Mystery

The D.B. Cooper case remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in aviation history. The whereabouts of the hijacker, the money, and his ultimate fate continue to elude investigators. Despite numerous theories and potential leads, the truth behind D.B. Cooper’s identity and the fate of his money may never be fully known.

A Legacy of Intrigue

The tale of D.B. Cooper has inspired countless books, documentaries, and movies, ensuring that the legend lives on. The enigma surrounding the money with its unique serial numbers adds an extra layer of fascination to the story. It serves as a reminder of a daring heist that has captivated the world’s imagination for over half a century.


The mystery of D.B. Cooper’s money serial numbers continues to intrigue and fascinate enthusiasts around the globe. Whether the money will ever resurface, and if so, under what circumstances, remains uncertain. Until then, the legend of D.B. Cooper and his audacious heist will continue to be a topic of speculation and wonder.