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Vacuum Table for Laser Cutter


A vacuum table is an essential accessory for laser cutters that helps improve the efficiency and accuracy of the cutting process. This article will explore the benefits of using a vacuum table and provide tips on selecting the right one for your laser cutter.

What is a Vacuum Table?

A vacuum table is a flat surface with multiple small holes that are connected to a vacuum pump. When the pump is activated, it creates suction that securely holds the material being cut in place. This eliminates the need for clamps or adhesives, ensuring the material stays flat and stable during the cutting process.

Benefits of Using a Vacuum Table

1. Improved Precision

By securely holding the material in place, a vacuum table minimizes the chances of it shifting or moving during cutting. This leads to more precise cuts and reduces the need for rework.

2. Enhanced Efficiency

With a vacuum table, you can cut multiple pieces simultaneously, maximizing the productivity of your laser cutter. The material remains firmly fixed, allowing for faster cutting speeds and reducing production time.

3. Versatility

A vacuum table can accommodate various materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, and fabric. It can securely hold thin and delicate materials that may otherwise be difficult to cut without causing damage or distortion.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Table

When selecting a vacuum table for your laser cutter, consider the following factors:

1. Size

Choose a vacuum table that matches the size of your laser cutter’s bed. It should provide enough space to hold the materials you commonly work with.

2. Hole Configuration

Opt for a vacuum table with evenly spaced holes to ensure consistent suction across the entire cutting area. This helps prevent warping or bending of the material.

3. Pump Capacity

Ensure that the vacuum pump has sufficient capacity to generate strong and consistent suction. This is especially important when working with thicker or heavier materials.

4. Ease of Use

Look for a vacuum table that is easy to install, remove, and maintain. It should have user-friendly controls for adjusting the suction strength.

5. Compatibility

Check if the vacuum table is compatible with your laser cutter’s software and control system to ensure seamless integration.


A vacuum table is a valuable addition to any laser cutter setup. It improves precision, efficiency, and versatility, allowing for smoother and more accurate cutting operations. By considering the size, hole configuration, pump capacity, ease of use, and compatibility, you can select the right vacuum table that suits your specific requirements.