What Cases Have Knives In Cs:go?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a popular online multiplayer game that offers a wide range of weapon skins and cosmetic items. One of the most sought-after items in the game are knives, which not only enhance the aesthetics of your loadout but also hold a significant value in the community. In this article, we will explore the various cases in CS:GO that have the potential to drop knives.

The Knife System in CS:GO

In CS:GO, knives are considered rare and valuable items. They can be obtained through various means, such as buying them from the in-game store or trading with other players. However, the most exciting and unpredictable way to acquire a knife is by opening cases.

The Case System

The case system in CS:GO allows players to obtain weapon skins and other cosmetic items. Cases can be unlocked using keys, which are available for purchase in the game. Each case has a unique set of skins that can be obtained, including the possibility of dropping a knife.

Knife-Exclusive Cases

While many cases in CS:GO have the potential to drop knives, there are a few knife-exclusive cases that guarantee a knife as the rarest item. These cases are highly sought-after and can be quite expensive. Some of the knife-exclusive cases include the “Operation Bravo Case,” “Huntsman Weapon Case,” and “Shadow Case.”

Popular Cases with High Knife Drop Rates

Aside from knife-exclusive cases, there are several popular cases in CS:GO that have a relatively higher chance of dropping knives compared to others. These cases are more affordable and accessible for players who are looking to get their hands on a knife without breaking the bank.

The Chroma Case

The “Chroma Case” is a classic case in CS:GO that offers a variety of weapon skins, including knives. It has a decent chance of dropping a knife, making it a popular choice among players. Some of the knife skins that can be obtained from the Chroma Case include the “M9 Bayonet,” “Karambit,” and “Butterfly Knife.”

The Spectrum Case

Another case with a high knife drop rate is the “Spectrum Case.” This case features a range of vibrant and unique weapon skins, and it also has a good chance of dropping a knife. Some of the knife skins available in the Spectrum Case include the “Gut Knife,” “Flip Knife,” and “Bayonet.”


Knives in CS:GO are highly coveted items that can enhance your gaming experience and hold significant value in the community. While there are knife-exclusive cases available, there are also popular cases like the Chroma Case and Spectrum Case that offer a higher chance of dropping knives. Whether you decide to open a knife-exclusive case or try your luck with a popular case, obtaining a knife can be an exciting and rewarding experience in CS:GO.