What Does Ariel Call The Fork?

All the Disney Princesses as kitchen utensils, Together at last. Ariel
All the Disney Princesses as kitchen utensils, Together at last. Ariel from www.pinterest.fr

What Does Ariel Call the Fork? – 2023 Article


In the year 2023, Ariel, the beloved Disney character, has taken the world by storm with her enchanting voice and captivating story. While many fans are familiar with her iconic songs and underwater adventures, one question that often arises is what Ariel calls the fork she finds in the human world. In this article, we will explore this intriguing topic and uncover the answer.

A Fork by Any Other Name

When Ariel first sets foot on land in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” she encounters a fork for the first time. Being a mermaid, she has never seen such an object before, and naturally, she is curious about it. While she does not explicitly mention the name of the fork in the movie, fans have come up with various theories and interpretations.

The Triton Tine

One popular theory is that Ariel refers to the fork as a “Triton Tine.” This name is derived from King Triton, Ariel’s father, who wields a trident. Fans believe that Ariel might have associated the fork with the trident due to their similar shapes and prong-like structures.

The Dinglehopper

Another well-known theory is that Ariel calls the fork a “Dinglehopper.” This name was coined by the character Scuttle, a seagull who acts as Ariel’s guide in the human world. According to Scuttle, humans use forks to style their hair, and he hilariously misinterprets its purpose. This quirky name has become widely recognized and associated with Ariel’s fork.

Behind the Scenes

While the exact name of the fork remains open to interpretation, it is interesting to explore the creative process behind Disney’s decision. The film’s animators and writers carefully craft every detail, including the naming of objects. The chosen name adds depth to Ariel’s character and highlights her innocence and curiosity as she discovers human artifacts.

A Symbol of Transformation

Looking beyond the name itself, the fork symbolizes Ariel’s transformation from a mermaid to a human. It represents her journey to explore a new world and adapt to unfamiliar customs. The fork serves as a reminder of her longing for the human experience and her determination to pursue her dreams.

The Power of Language

This discussion about what Ariel calls the fork also brings attention to the power of language in storytelling. Both the Triton Tine and the Dinglehopper names have become embedded in the Disney fandom and are often used interchangeably. This showcases the influence of the Disney universe and how it continues to shape our language and culture.


While the exact name that Ariel calls the fork may remain a mystery, the theories and interpretations surrounding it add to the enchantment of the Disney film. Whether you prefer the Triton Tine or the Dinglehopper, there is no denying the impact of this small object in Ariel’s journey. So, next time you watch “The Little Mermaid,” pay close attention to Ariel’s reaction to the fork and let your imagination decide what she truly calls it.