Where Is Knives Out Filmed?

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Released in 2019, Knives Out is a critically acclaimed mystery film directed by Rian Johnson. The movie follows the investigation into the death of a wealthy crime novelist and features a star-studded ensemble cast. One aspect that adds to the film’s charm is its stunning locations. In this article, we will explore the various places where Knives Out was filmed.

The Historic Thrombey Estate

The central location in the movie is the Thrombey family estate, which plays an integral role in the plot. The estate is a beautiful mansion with an old-world charm, and it serves as the backdrop for many key scenes in the film. However, in reality, the Thrombey estate is a combination of different locations. The exteriors were filmed at the Ames Mansion in Easton, Massachusetts. The interiors were shot at the Ames Mansion as well as the Ames Free Library in North Easton.

The Charming Town of Newnan, Georgia

Aside from the Thrombey estate, the film also showcases the quaint town where the majority of the characters reside. This charming town is actually Newnan, Georgia. With its picturesque streets and historic buildings, Newnan provides a perfect setting for the film’s small-town atmosphere.

The Iconic Boston Cityscape

While the film primarily takes place in the Thrombey estate and Newnan, it also features scenes set in the bustling city of Boston. The cityscape shots were filmed on location in Boston, Massachusetts. From its iconic skyline to its vibrant streets, Boston adds another layer of visual appeal to the film.

The Stunning Coastline of Massachusetts

Knives Out also takes advantage of the breathtaking coastline of Massachusetts. The film showcases various scenes near the ocean, including a pivotal moment in the story. These coastal shots were filmed in different locations, such as Manchester-by-the-Sea and Nahant, both in Massachusetts.

The Enchanting Landscape of Warwick, Rhode Island

Another notable filming location for Knives Out is Warwick, Rhode Island. The film features several scenes set in a picturesque landscape, which was captured in Warwick. The beautiful scenery adds to the overall ambiance of the movie.


Knives Out is a visually stunning film that captivates audiences with its intriguing storyline and exceptional performances. The various filming locations, including the Thrombey estate, Newnan, Boston, the Massachusetts coastline, and Warwick, contribute to the movie’s overall charm. Exploring these real-life places where Knives Out was filmed can enhance the viewing experience and provide a deeper appreciation for the artistry involved in creating this thrilling mystery.